$0 Co-Pay - 12 Months of therapy, renewable annually


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Supernus® Support is available to answer your questions about Trokendi XR®

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Supernus Support provides a single point of contact for all of your questions regarding Trokendi XR—including medication access and insurance coverage.

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Hours of operation are Monday−Friday, 8 AM−6 PM Eastern time, excluding holidays.

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Sign up now for the Migraine Support Program. You will receive a series of e-mails and mail pieces with important information about taking Trokendi XR. You will also get tips for preventing and managing migraine, including information from people like you who have taken steps to have more migraine-free days in the picture. And you will be sent a FREE medication reminder tool—a handy, reusable tool you can affix to your prescription.

Useful information and resources that may help you have more days in the picture

You can find additional resources and support to help you move forward on your treatment journey on our migraine resources page.