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Starting Trokendi XR®

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What to expect if you are switching from twice-a-day Topamax® (topiramate) to once-a-day Trokendi XR

Look at how once-a-day Trokendi XR and twice-a-day Topamax are absorbed into your bloodstream over a full 24-hour day


What are the key takeaways from this medical study looking at twice-a-day Topamax and once-a-day Trokendi XR?

  • Twice-a-day Topamax, represented by the purple line, rises very quickly in your body. The level of medicine then drops down over the course of 12 hours before the second dose is taken.
    • When the level of medicine in your body rises and falls, you may not have appropriate coverage. At these times, you may be at greater risk for symptoms or side effects.
  • Once-a-day Trokendi XR, represented by the blue line, rises slowly in your body and then maintains a relatively steady level. This helps ensure that you are covered with your medicine throughout the day—over 24 hours—with a single dose.

The study showed that this total daily dose of Trokendi XR given once a day was equal to the same total daily dose of Topamax given twice a day.

Having the option to take just 1 pill a day and get the same total daily dose of topiramate is an important finding. Many patients may find it less difficult to remember to take their medicine once a day rather than twice a day.

Starting on topiramate for the first time: What you can expect from once-a-day Trokendi XR

In clinical studies, topiramate (100 mg/day) was proven to be effective in reducing the number of migraine headaches. This effect was most noticeable after one month of treatment.

Patients started with an average of approximately 5.5 migraine headaches a month. They experienced fewer migraine headaches with topiramate.

16-0055 MIG Frequency

Study Details:

  • In both medical studies, patients with 3-12 migraines (but no more than 15 headache days) per month were observed for 6 months
  • Patients were maintained on placebo or 1 of 3 different doses (50, 100, or 200 mg/day) of topiramate
  • The goal of the medical studies was to measure the reduction in number of migraines per month