$0 Co-Pay - 12 Months of therapy, renewable annually

About Trokendi XR® for Migraine Prevention

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Does migraine have you missing out again?

For patients with frequent migraine attacks, or those that do not respond to acute treatments, preventive medicines can be important.

Studies show that about 40% of adults with migraine could see a substantial reduction in migraine with preventive therapy; yet, only about 12 percent of adults with migraine take preventive medicine.

NEW ONCE-A-DAY TROKENDI XR provides continuous 24-hour coverage of migraine prevention medicine, and may help you get back into the picture.

Just one pill a day—Trokendi XR is an extended-release topiramate

Trokendi XR offers the same trusted effectiveness as Topamax. Topamax, an immediate-release topiramate, has been on the market for 2 decades and is approved by the FDA for migraine prevention.


Once-a-day Trokendi XR uses Microtrol Technology®—3 types of specially coated microbeads that help achieve all-day coverage of your medicine.