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Personal Stories

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Personal Stories

Nikkie switched to once-a-day Trokendi XR® (topiramate) from Topamax® (topiramate)

Nikkie H., a 23-year-old graduate student, has been living with migraine for over a decade

“Migraine slowly became my new normal. You just want to curl up in a ball and sit in the darkest most soundproof room and just wait for it to pass.” -Nikkie

After years of searching for answers, Nikkie was frustrated and ready to quit

Then Nikki found a headache specialist, her “turning point.” The doctor recommended she switch from Topamax to extended-release Trokendi XR.

“We discussed the possible risks, which are similar to Topamax, and we decided to give it a try. I’ve been pleased with how Trokendi XR has been working for me. The frequency of my migraines has been reduced. Now I do have pain-free days, which I’m really excited about.”

  • Nikkie H. received compensation from Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for endorsing Trokendi XR.